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Recreational fishing in the upper estuarine portions of the Tar-Pamlico, Pungo, Neuse, Trent and Cape Fear rivers is very popular and economically important to North Carolina. Until 2004 no data were collected to determine the impact from these fishermen. In 2004 the NCDMF began a sampling program to provide estimates of catch and angler participation in fisheries targeting anadromous species (striped bass, herring, shad, etc) and recreationally important resident species (white perch, catfish, etc.) that were excluded from past surveying efforts. In addition, marine species such as spotted seatrout and red drum are often taken by anglers in these areas depending on substantial shifts in environmental conditions, especially changes in salinity. In 2010 the survey will be expanded to provide estimates for all species. Information from these fisheries will provide managers with an indication of the magnitude of harvest, effort, and economic value of this fishery, thus enabling more informed decisions to be made.